The sun is shining and or greenhouse is loving it! We decided this year to use up some of the unused ground space in the greenhouse to grow a couple more varieties of lettuce.  Above we have a spinach and below our red lettuce and our seeds sprouting for the garden. The picture below isContinue reading

  Lorhill Farm proudly introduces … Compassionate Gardening. Working to help your gardens be abundant, healthy, and beautiful. We know that our space outside affects our inside, we understand the importance of being true to yourself, and we also care about the life and health of this great planet – what does that have toContinue reading

Happy Spring wishes to you all!   We hope you are finding some warmth in this chilly weather. We are excited to share an update with all of you … Back in the fall we were involved in a part time producers project with John Deere, you may remember the post I made about thisContinue reading

As most seasonal workers know, the colder months are generally slower then during the growing season, but that hasn’t been the case here at Lorhill Farm.  We are still busy working on new ideas, improvements and additions … there are more big changes happening here at the farm, and we are really excited to beContinue reading

I just returned home from a lovely shopping spree with my father, and now the Lorhill pantry is stuffed with all the Oak Manor flour, sugar and yeast that will be needed for this weekends order. We will be providing the Dinner Rolls, Doughnuts and CinnaBraids for the meal at the Maker’s Market this SaturdayContinue reading

We love fall here at Lorhill Farm, the changing of the leaves and seasons, it’s all very beautiful and refreshing! There have been some updates made to our outdoor Labyrinth, The Knoll.  Our extremely talented resident landscape artist spent a very cold Saturday morning digging into the concrete like ground and managed to get someContinue reading