We love fall here at Lorhill Farm, the changing of the leaves and seasons, it’s all very beautiful and refreshing!

There have been some updates made to our outdoor Labyrinth, The Knoll.  Our extremely talented resident landscape artist spent a very cold Saturday morning digging into the concrete like ground and managed to get some lovely plants started.  Come next spring we will see how they survived the harsh winter weather  Hopefully there will be some great plant growth there that we will be able to share with all the visitors to The Knoll.


The change in the seasons always encourage us to think through the past season and look to see how we can improve and grow into the next time of year.  This past summer season was basically the beginning of us sharing Lorhill Farm and what we make here with others, so there was a major learning curve!

This is our take away from this past season:

  • It’s best to focus on only a couple of things to guarantee that you can do your very best at one thing and not just kinda good at a bunch of things.
    • This conclusion has led to a change in our Home Baking department.  We will no longer be baking such a wide variety of breads and treats.  Our most popular item over this past season was hands down our Coffee Cake and CinnaBraids, so in the future we will only be focusing on these tasty sweet breads.  If you are wanting any of our old types of breads feel free to send us a note and we can do our best to accommodate you for a special occasion.
    • We’ve also applied this change to our Greenhouse, which will be only growing lettuce in the coming season.
  • Prioritize the family time! This is so important for us, especially with our young children, we spent a ton of time working, working, working this summer and although our kids did their very best to help out, we spent a lot of time away from them.
    • So, this fall we will be planting about a quarter acre of garlic, which will be for sale next year.  We are hoping that by streamlining our garden we will also be able to better coordinate the amount of hours that we spend working in the garden.

We hope that these conclusions will encourage you to also think through your past season, to reflect and be thankful for the amazing moments and to learn and grow from the challenging times.

If you are interested in ordering lettuce, Coffee Cake or CinnaBraids from us please send us a message.  We would love to bake or grow for you!

Blessings from the Lorhill Family

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