Lorhill Gardens

Welcome to Lorhill Gardens! The newest addition to the Lorhill Family.

lorfarCompassionate Gardening.

Lorhill Gardens is working to help gardens be abundant, healthy and beautiful.  Focusing on garden care, excluding lawn care except for special circumstances.  Our rounded approach to gardening will look different for every garden.  For example, perhaps you enjoy caring for your gardens and simply need some help with pruning, planting, or large clean ups in spring or fall.

We can help you.

Or maybe the workload of beautiful gardens has become too difficult and burdensome but you would like to remain in your home and still enjoy the garden’s beauty.

We can help you.

We will strive to provide excellent costumer service, keeping a clear line of communication, encouraging you to participate in the planning and possibly the upkeep of your gardens. Our goal is not to run ourselves out of business, but instead to encourage you to do what you can, if you choose.

            Lorhill Gardens provide:

Spring Clean Ups – removal of debris from winter, cutting back perennials as needed, dormant pruning, preparing gardens for mulch if needed – weeding, splitting /transplanting perennials, edging as required.

Fall Clean Ups – preparation for winter, cutting down perennials as desired, winter wrapping, and tying, leaf removal if desired.

Installation – creating new gardens, mending soil, planting and/or transplanting, fertilizing plants, edging, mulching, and watering.

Pruning – dormant pruning in spring, shrub pruning through summer as specific to shrub.

Garden maintenance – weeding, splitting/transplanting perennials, edging, mulching, deadheading, and pruning.

We will be kind, creating the field of compassionate gardening, where the client is just as important as the plants in the garden. We aim to set ourselves apart by being guided by compassion, focusing on providing the best possible care for the environment and the homeowner. We will efficiently care for gardens while bringing positive energy to all projects.

Working with the gardens, Lorhill strives to create spaces that are one with nature, that bring the peace of the naturalized world into your backyard, and therefore into your life.

We look forward to meeting you, and your garden, let the beautiful adventure begin!

                           Maegan and Patricia