What a very interesting winter season we have had so far!

I’ve been seeing this winter through the eyes of my kids (who love to have snow to play in) so this is how it has been going …

First it took for ever for snow, then we finally got some, but it was too fluffy to build a snowman! Then it rained quite a lot, we lost most of the snow and the kids were furious, but the little bit that was left was wet enough to build a snowman, so that kept them content for a bit.  But! now we have rain and ice!  The kids have no idea what to think of this.  My daughter said that the ice makes the trees look lovely, but doesn’t look like much fun to play in.

As the weather has changed so drastically this winter, so have my kids moods.  So on a day like today when it’s cold and icy and rainy I figured they would need some cheering up, and what puts a smile on a face better than a good old fashioned cinnamon bun!


Well, it worked, the kids haven’t complained about the snow disappearing in at least an hour.

We thank you all for your continued support and interest in what we are doing here at the farm. We are very excited to say that in this coming season we will be offering a new service to the patrons of Lorhill Farm, more details coming soon … I promise … and as always send us an email if you are in need of any more information about any of the services or treats that we offer here at Lorhill.

Blessings from the Lorhill Family

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