Things keep moving moving moving here at Lorhill Farm!! Tis the season of outdoor work, new animal friends and lots and lots of weeding. Our hens joined us here at the farm this week, we were all excited to see what they would do with the massive space and lots of greens to eat.  WeContinue reading

We had a wonderful, hot and windy day today at The Knoll’s open house!! Thank you to everyone that came to take some of the first walks on The Knoll, we were quite excited to finally get to share this space with others. Something for all ages … “The Shack,” provides an indoor space forContinue reading

I decided to take a quick walk today in between gardening and greenhouse work, and I ended up at The Knoll, when I reached the center of the Labyrinth I had to have a little lay down to enjoy the beautiful sun, and this was my view … what a glorious sky today!! Our OpenContinue reading

No longer are we just talking about The Knoll, now you can come and walk The Knoll!! Below you can see our resident Labryinth facilitator carving out the walking path for The Knoll.  We have all been excitedly waiting for these paths to take form, and now to see it and be able to walk it,Continue reading

The Grand Opening is Here for The Knoll, the outdoor Labyrinth at Lorhill Farm !!! The Lorhill family invites you to come to the Grand Opening of the outdoor Labyrinth ~ The Knoll SATURDAY JUNE 11th 2016 10am – 3pm if it is raining please check this site or our Facebook for rescheduling for directions and contactContinue reading

  The Knoll is coming to life here at Lorhill Farm, thanks to the handy work of the Lorhill Gardens team some lovely flower beds have been created to surround The Knoll. As the season progresses these flower beds will only develop more and get even more beautiful.  I for one am looking forward toContinue reading