Hung out to dry!!

A couple weeks ago we picked our garlic, almost 2000 heads!

We were quite happy with how they turned out, the majority are all fairly good sized heads which will be great for planting again in the fall.  We are planning on using most of these cloves as seeds to hopefully triple our number of garlic plants for next year.

With this crop we planted and picked everything by hand, but as I’m looking around at the number of garlic cloves hanging in my shed the idea of planting all of them by hand again this year seems extremely daunting! Hopefully we can find some type of garlic planter to help us out!

On a completely different note, except for the fact that these two things go together quite nicely :). We have another batch of free range chicken for sale (frozen whole birds).  We are selling for $3/lb, and they are all between 3-4lbs. Send us a message if your interested in any, or feel free to pass this note on to someone you know who may be looking for local free range meat.


Thank for your support and interested in Lorhill Farm!

Blessings from the Lorhill Family

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