So our calendars say that “Spring has Sprung,” although the temperature outside has me less then convinced!

Although no matter the weather we all know that we are heading into the season of cleaning. Whether it be spring cleaning indoors or outdoors it is a task that is awaiting most of us no matter how excited or anxious we may be about it.

We here at Lorhill Farm can’t offer help for your indoor projects, but we can offer our assistance for all that outdoor work.


 When you look out your window (and it looks like my yard above!) and you lean more toward the anxious feelings rather then excited, then please send Maegan at Lorhill Gardens a message.  She would love to discuss with you your hopes and dreams for your outdoor space.  Whether it be spring clean up, installs or regular garden maintenance Lorhill Gardens can assist you with it all.

Head on over to the Lorhill Gardens tab to read more about Maegan and her team, and feel free to contact her with any of your questions.

Happy Spring Planning!

Blessings from the Lorhill Family

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