Wow!! has time ever been going fast over the last few months.  It’s hard to believe that fall flew by us and I am already staring out a snow covered window waiting for Christmas.

… Keep reading for info on upcoming winter labyrinth walks below …

Things have been moving by quickly here at Lorhill Farm, even though I have been doing a poor job keeping you all updated! We still feel very honoured that so many of you are interested in what is happening here at the farm.

So I’ll give a brief synopsis of our fall …

We have heat now running in our greenhouse so we are able to keep growing our lettuce through the winter season.  One of our beloved beefers, Sparkle Diamond, has had a positive preg check so we are very excited that next summer there will be a little calf running around in the pasture.  Our hens are doing quite well in their new inside home, and that crew has expanded to 9 hens and 1 rooster (which was a surprise!). The Knoll is now closed for the season but our labyrinth facilitator will be hosting some indoor labyrinth walks through the winter (info for that is below).  Lorhill Gardens is finishing up their amazing winter displays and thank you all for a great first season.

As promised, information for the upcoming labyrinth walks.

THIS WINTER, You are invited to come and experience the Labyrinth. No experience necessary, just your curiosity!

I will be hosting several informal/relaxed, information and walk workshops.

Learn about and experience this ancient Spiritual tool for prayer, meditation and self–unearthing

 With Labyrinth Facilitator ~ Patricia Wagler                                                       

Walking the Labyrinth clears the mind and gives insight into your life and spiritual journey. 

Walking the path urges action.  It calms you when you are in the throes of life transitions.

Walking the Labyrinth helps you see your life in the context of a path; a pilgrimage, and because everything is spiritual, the labyrinth invites you realize that you are not a human being on a spiritual path, but a spiritual being on a human path. 

Explore & Experience the Mystery of walking the Labyrinth.

Thursday workshops – 7pm to 9pm  

Each Workshop = 7 to 7.30 presentation followed by Q/A then, Walk & Experience the Labyrinth 

Thursday December 29th ~ Reflect on ‘your’ 2016 ~ gaze toward 2017 ~ what/who is calling you

Thursday January 12th 2017 ~ Learn about ‘hushing’, listening & hearing

Thursday January 26th ~  Experience and practise ‘hushing’, listening & hearing

Thursday February 9th ~ Walk & Experience the Labyrinth 

Saturday Workshops – 9am – 11.30am

Each Workshop = 9 to 9.30 presentation followed by Q/A then, Walk & Experience the Labyrinth 

Saturday February the 18th – 9am to 11.30am ~ Walk & Experience the Labyrinth  

Saturday March 4th – 9am to 11.30am ~ Walk & Experience the Labyrinth 

Saturday March 18th – 9am to 11.30am ~ Walk & Experience the Labyrinth 


IN the gym at Steinmann Mennonite Church

1316 Snyders Rd. West Baden

Please Register ~ NAME – CONTACT INFO AND DATE(S) YOU WILL BE ATTENDING                                                                         Numbers are limited for each workshop

By email ~    Or  call/text ~ 226-220-2606

$15/ workshop ~ ** $10/ workshop when you come to 3 or more**

If you are unable to walk the labyrinth, there will be a few hand labyrinths available to use.




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