And we have tomatoes!

The plants in the greenhouse are now touching the roof, so I am getting nervous that I may soon need a ladder to pick the tomatoes at the top!  We have three varieties of tomatoes growing in the greenhouse this season and we are excited about trying and selling all of them.

We have a lovely grape, a sauce and a slicing tomato.  If you are interested in any come out and see us at the Milverton Market on Thursdays (3-7pm) or contact us through the contact page.  We can either deliver (depending on distance) or you are welcome to pick up at the farm.

IMG_20150715_202228     IMG_20150715_210602

As always we are trying new things in the Lorhill Farm kitchen.  Below is a photo of our new Rye and White bread.  You may notice a trend forming from our last post as well, but we are really loving a nice swirl of colour in our breads right now!


Here is a little side note from the Lorhill Family …

My sister in law (weethreesparrows) is an extremely talented photographer from Toronto.  A couple of weekends ago we were blessed to have her and the family for a visit.  She was able to capture a number of incredible photos.  Some of the farm, gardens and greenhouse.

To check out the photos head over to

Or the link below will take you right to the blog.

Blessings from the Lorhill Family

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