The sunny days have arrived! which means things are growing like crazy in the greenhouse.

After going through the dull winter season I always forget how beautiful the simple growing vegetable is, and to walk out into a greenhouse full of them is quite a blessing!


This year we are going our ever popular Romaine, but have decided to throw in a few extras just to try something new.  So you will see some Pak Choy and Bridgemere leaf lettuce coming out of the greenhouse as well.






We have also been testing out some spinach to see how it grows hydroponically.  As you can see the root system is insane! and the leaves have been growing to about the size of my face.  I think it may be a one spinach leaf per smoothy type of deal! 🙂



We have already had two amazing weeks at the Wilmot Summer Market, and are enjoying getting back into the market swing.

Please take the time over the summer to come check out the Wilmot Summer Market, there are a lot of great vendors there.

Thursdays 4 – 7pm




Blessings from the Lorhill Family

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