Well hello there from Captain at Lorhill Farm!

We hope you are enjoying the last days of summer.  As we look back at what we have worked on over the past few months we only get more excited about what is to come!


We have been loving how the romaine lettuce is growing in our greenhouse.  Our green romaine heads are getting so big we don’t even have bags big enough to hold them!


We are currently working on more ways to sell our romaine lettuce, we love our product and want to share it with as many people as we can.


If you are interested in buying local romaine lettuce for yourself, an event, or your store please contact us, we would love to chat with you!

Under 10 heads – $2.00/head

11 – 20 heads – $1.75/head

21 – 50 heads – $1.50/head

51 and up – $1.00/head

Thank you for your interest in Lorhill Farm.

Blessings from the Lorhill Family

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  1. Hey Tonia this is so cool I so love the lettuce coming out of the green house this summer! could you please change the Exploring the labyrinth time for sunday sept. 11th to 7 to 9pm and put a Note time change thanks


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