Back to School and Back to Work!

Here at Lorhill Farm we always try to slow down a bit the week before school starts, with the hope that we are all able to spend some quality time together before the back to school craziness begins!

We did however still take some orders for some special occasions through the end of August.  One of the orders was for some cupcakes for a little ones 2nd birthday.  It is always such an honour to provide the sweet ending for someone’s lovely birthday party!


As always we kept up with or regular bread and produce orders and Milverton Market days … and most of all we did a bit of experimenting in the kitchen.


Chocolate Croissants!


Sweet Rye Bread

In the greenhouse things are starting to wind down a bit. Our cucumbers are now completely finished, and we keep thinking that the tomatoes are about at their end, and then we find new shoots with healthy fruits on them.IMG_20150812_195824

The lettuce is continuing to grow beautifully.  I am really loving the Red Rosie Romaine that we are growing this year.  It is so much like a flower in that each head and leaf has different markings.  The Red Rosie is quite a unique and beautiful variety of Romaine.

.IMG_20150819_111323 (1)

Blessings from the Lorhill Family

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