The rain has finally kissed the earth of the Knoll and the grass seed is beginning to germinate! We have some growth!


We invite you to wait patiently with us as the grass grows and we anticipate the shaping and creation of this space.

The wait for rain was a lovely reminder for us here at Lorhill Farm that rain happens in its own time, change and growth happen in their own time, and the beautiful part of it is that it all happens right when it should!

There is a great sense of peace and calmness in that reminder.

In the garden, in the greenhouse and now at The Knoll, we plant the seeds and are invited to wait and watch as growth happens in its own perfect and beautiful time.

We are extremely thankful and blessed for the huge downpour of rain that we received here on the weekend, and think of those that are still in the midst of waiting for rain, hopefully their wait will end soon.


Blessings from the Lorhill Family

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