About Lorhill Gardens

We are Maegan and Patricia, a daughter/mother duo that love the land, and the people who live on it. Collectively we have spent a lifetime working in the dirt, standing in awe of the beauty we see, learning from our successes and from the failures, and now we have joined forces to bring our experience and knowledge to you.  As Lorhill Gardens we are working to make gardens abundant, healthy and happy while being kind to people and being conscious of the earth. Our goal is to provide care that exceeds clients expectations and creates naturalized gardens; where plants are able to live their best.  We aim to run a successful small business that provides exceptional care and efficient, quality work, while leaving room for nature to thrive.

Maegan Wagler Scheerer


Maegan has been working in the field since 2004 as a grounds keeper, landscape crew member, site manager and supervisor, and a landscape business owner. Years of experience has taught Maegan to be confident in what she knows but also not be afraid to learn or make mistakes. Growing up in the garden, at Lorhill Farm, Maegan is driven with a passion for growing things, amazed at how nature does nature, and how we get to participate. When Maegan is not outside working with plants and the earth, you can find her hiking, singing, or enjoying a meal with family and friends.

Patricia Wagler


Being the loving mother of Lorhill Farms, Patricia has over 40 years experience working in the vegetable and ornamental gardens on site and a lifetime of experience teaching her children to love and respect the land. Patricia has worked as a landscape crew member for 2 years,  while also working compassionately with people, as a Pastor, Spiritual Director and a Labyrinth Facilitator – check out the Knoll for more information about Lorhill’s outdoor Labyrinth. When Patricia is not working with Lorhill Gardens, you can find her walking the path of life, enjoying people and nature.